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SearchFit India is always abuzz with activity! There is never a dull moment with SeFians around. We believe in combining work with fun, and keep incorporating innovative ideas to create a jovial work environment. We hold lively in-house activities and events to lighten work pressures. Take a glimpse into the lives of SeFians:

October 17, 2009: Diwali : Expression of Joy on Victory
The celebration of the Diwali festival in India signifies the victory of good on evil. October 17, 2009, marked as the auspicious day of Diwali - the festival of lights; showers happiness and prosperity in our lives . SearchFit India Team celebrated this festive occasion with great fanfare. Everyone took active part in this event to keep the festival spirit alive. We celebrated magnificent three days long jubilation of Diwali that was marked by multi-colored Rangoli designs, lighting of lamps, special games, quiz, floral decorations, and Diwali Gifts which lent grandeur to this Occasion. Details and Images...

July 16, 2009: Second Anniversary of Searchfit India
16th July,2009 is certainly one of the most eagerly awaited events for Sefians. It's the time when Searchfit India celebrates its annual day. Yes, it has been two beautiful years now, since the team has grown up together in a fun-filled, working environment. Although, like last year the India team could not celebrate it in full swing, yet they had a great time by indulging themselves creatively in “Wall Graffiti” competition and eventually having wonderful lunch at a lavish restaurant. Details and Images...

July 16, 2008: First Anniversary of Searchfit India
The sunrise of July 16, 2008 was auspicious for Sefians. After waiting for long, they were finally there in the Shanghai Room, PSK Banquet Hall, to celebrate the successful one-year completion of their company. They reflected their zest with heartily smiles and resonating laughters. They had been preparing for this Wednesday for the last two months. Miss Charu Lata, the Chief Operating Officer of the company, arrived to the stage and congratulated Sefians for their efforts to make SearchFit India a success. She also briefed on how the company traversed the ups and downs to reach the success. She added on how she planned to see the company grow in the coming days. Mandeep and Vibha anchored for the activities and invited some brilliant performances onto the stage. Details and Images...

The Preparation Days: With absolute zeal and dedication, Seafians were seen preparing some very interesting activities for their annual day celebration. Every member of Searchfit India team participated in at least one of the activities to make the day special and unforgettable. The activity coordinators could be seen planning the minutest details. This surely makes us to look forward to the 'Big Day' with all our eyes wide open.

March 21, 2008: SearchFit India Coloured in Fun this Holi
SearchFit India were second to none in celebrating the festival of colors on Friday, a day before Holi. Like every other occasion, they enjoyed the festival to the fullest. Dressed in Kurta Pajama and Salwar Suits, the employees reflected the colours of Indian tradition. Everyone got home-prepared foods and was more than eager for the day's activity session to start. The floor was decorated with a beautiful Rangoli and the walls, with colorful paper-cuttings. In the later part of the day, it was the time for activities. The SearchFit had some real fun for the next couple of hours, with Holi-related-songs and dances resonating in the office.

March 15, 2008: Trip to The Taj Mahal, Agra
Does Taj Mahal require any introduction? Indeed it doesn't. Plan for the trip was under process for about a week, and then it was finally settled with everyone's consent. One day, no work, no computers, just fun, and fun, and fun... SeFians gathered at around 7 O' Clock in the morning and started together in a bus booked for the day. It took four hours for getting to Agra, and one more to reach the Taj Mahal. The team was delighted by the scenic beauty of Taj Mahal. They walked around, capturing the beautiful Taj Mahal from all angles with their cameras. The group enjoyed the camel-cart ride, and then the ride on Tonga. While returning from Agra, the team paid a visit at Krishna Janmabhumi, Mathura. It had already dusked when they reached Mathura. In the midst of sweet scent of country soil and the warmth of devotion, a pious feeling took over the excitement in hearts, and every face expressed the calmness within. It was another couple of hours at Mathura, and then the team started back. They would remember the trip for long to come.

January 25, 2008: Connaught Place for Market Research
SearchFit is indeed a place full of fun and activities. On 25th of January, the content team visited various fragrance-stores in Connaught Place to learn about the recent trends in the market of perfumes. The team started at four, and it reached the venue after half-an-hour of that. The creative writers, with hearts full of zest, browsed through the shops in search of a learning they could use. A bit of knowledge they could utilize to make their descriptions for fragrances more attractive, more lively. The team talked with customers and storekeepers, jotting down whatever seemed worth-noting. And then they had spring rolls, and discussions... and of course, chit chats, and a lot of fun.

January 16, 2008: SearchFit completes six months in India
SearchFit India achieved a milestone by successfully completing six months in India. Of course, this was a moment of celebration. The SearchFit India team showcased a presentation on the achievements of the India office and discussed future growth prospects of the company. This was followed by an educative quiz on the history of SearchFit. It was a proud moment for the India office.

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